Meet Alcochete

Discover our tourist guide to find out what to do in Alcochete and what you can't miss, experience, and get to know.

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Historical center of Alcochete

Stroll through the historic streets of Alcochete, where the narrow paths and colorful houses keep a legacy of tradition. The authentic details reveal traces of a past where each door served as a home for the locals who left every day to serve the Tagus, in salt extraction, transportation or fishing activities.

Soak up the local culture, browse the typical stores and let yourself be enveloped by the details rich in history.

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Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve

The Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve is part of the Sítio das Hortas Environmental Pole, near the Freeport shopping center.

In this natural refuge in Alcochete, there are activities for all tastes, from boat trips along the Tagus - with the cutout of Lisbon decorating the landscape - to light hiking or bird watching with the guarantee that it will be a special encounter with nature.

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Samouco Salt Flats

Where tradition meets nature. Characterized by stunning scenery, the Salinas do Samouco offer more than 300 hectares that you can explore by walking along the banks or unveiling the secret of the meticulous work of the salt workers. They preserve their traditional techniques, from generation to generation, producing salt, known in the region as 'white gold', the treasure coveted over the centuries. But the salt pans are not all about salt. This is an environmental protection zone rich in migratory bird species and unique ecosystems. It is therefore perfect for activities such as bird watching to observe birds such as flamingos and herons, which glorify the landscape.

Alcochete Market

Located in the heart of the city, the Alcochete Market is a meeting of flavors, aromas, and culture that lovers of gastronomy and local authenticity cannot miss. The vibrant atmosphere combines with a variety of fresh and local products, which you can take with you as a delicious souvenir. Take the opportunity to sample the region's delicacies, such as the famous sheep's cheese and award-winning wines.

Meet the local traders and mingle with the culture of the village, taking a bit of Alcochete's authenticity with you.

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Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet

Less than a 10-minute drive from Upon Vila, Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet is the epicenter for fashion lovers and an afternoon of shopping.

Considered the largest outlet in Europe, it brings together some of the most renowned brands of clothing, footwear, accessories, and homeware with significant discounts throughout the year.

As an open-air shopping center, you can stroll through the charming streets, window-shop, and discover the latest collections.

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Moinhos Beach

Located next to the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve, Praia dos Moinhos is the most popular refuge for locals on hot days.

It owes its name to the deactivated windmills that line the golden sand and is the perfect meeting point for strolling along the shore, diving in the calm waters, or doing water sports such as stand-up paddle or kitesurfing.

With easy access and parking available, Praia dos Moinhos has also been the stage for the International Parrot Festival, which takes place during the month of June. .

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Samouco River Beach

On the banks of the Tagus you'll find a safe and eco-friendly beach for the whole family. Accessible via a pedestrian circuit, Praia Fluvial do Samouco offers calm bathing, a children's playground, a picnic area (perfect for a picnic) and trails perfect for walks surrounded by nature.

For water sports enthusiasts, the beach offers the possibility to practice canoeing and paddle, for a total connection with the natural landscapes.

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Alcochete Riverside Area

The Riverside Area is the meeting point between the banks of the river and the town that rises. The picturesque riverside walk is a must for those looking for the unique - and postcard-worthy - scenery of this region.

The walk will be marked by the sound of seagulls and shaded benches - perfect for contemplation. Take advantage of the terraces, cafés and restaurants dotted along the riverside for moments of respite or to witness the sunset with relaxation and a cool drink.

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Mother Church of St. John the Baptist

From the Zona Ribeirinha, you can visit the various churches in the village, but perhaps the most emblematic is the Church of São João Batista, the oldest temple. Built in the 15th century, this church enchants its visitors and locals with its Gothic grandeur.

It is worth entering the church and observing the impressive details, the altarpiece of the high altar is the ex-libris for being meticulously worked. The sacred art and the traditional tiles are also some of the details you can not miss on this visit.

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Spa Praia do Sal

Right by the river and with flamingos decorating the view, the Praia do Sal Spa is the place of choice to enjoy the quiet while doing a relaxation program.

Between massage services, skin treatments, and a thermal water circuit that includes an indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath, there is plenty to choose from and a day of delight to enjoy.

Where to eat out in Alcochete?


Omaggio Restaurant

The name comes from the word 'homage' in Italian, and it delivers what it promises: Omaggio Restaurant opens its doors to transport us to the most traditional flavors of Italy, in a gastronomic and artisanal legacy that extends far beyond traditional pizzas and pastas. There is a very regional and experimental menu to discover.

What to eat in Alcochete?

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Eel fish stew

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Grilled fish

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Lamb stew

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'Alcochetana' Soup

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‘Terroal’ Soup

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